The EXACT Steps I Use (and teach) to hold conversations fast (even if you're a total beginner)

Module 1:

Design your script

Have your exact conversation script in your hands after the first day

The 4 Mistakes to Avoid (video)
The exact tools I use to design the script for myself (and my students)
How to write your script easily (even if you have no idea how the conversation can go)
Where to find the sentences for your script (advanced tools I you might never thought of)
How to make sure that what you're learning is correct

Module 2:

The Simple Process to Memorize Your Script

Follow these steps to make sure that you really master your script

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid
Learn to deconstruct difficult sentences ...
... and build your own sentences like a native (not like a robot)
How to create "chunks" that are easy to memorize and re-use
Memorize your script easily with this ancient Greek technique
How to sound natural when you talk (nobody will notice you've learned the conversation by heart)

Module 3:

Understand What is Said

The system to train your ear and get you ready for understanding other people

How to find out what questions other people will (very likely) ask you
Where to find the translation of these questions
Practice recognizing the questions easily (no need to talk with a native)
How to practice comprehension 10 times more efficiently 
The 3 Steps Approach to use when you don't understand what the other person is saying (happens all the time!)

Module 4:

Hold Your Conversation with Confidence

Get mentally prepared for the day you will have your conversation. Nail it, and keep improving!

What to do if you're preparing your conversation for a specific event
What to do if you don't know when or where your conversation will occur
Where to go to practice your conversation (online and offline)
The "3 Fs" : How to "feel ready" (Because you will not feel ready!)
How to get constructive feedback and keep improving...
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